The Autistic Spectrum Disorder, including Asperger's Syndrome, & Attention Deficit Disorder-Hyperactivity Service, run in conjunction with specist colleagues, is for anyone who considers that they or their family member may have these types of complex neuro-developmental disorders and who want to understand more about their specific issues from a prompt, confidential, professional and flexible service.

Working with specialist colleagues, we will provide you with a skilled detailed clinical assessment using NICE guidelines, together with screening tools and tests delivered by our specialist consultant clinical psychologists and psychiatrists working jointly in order to ensure the correct formulation and formal diagnosis in each case.

Some people may show a unique combination of both types of these disorders and it is really helpful to clarify this and understand the complex interactions of both disorders.

Following your initial assessment session, you will be provided with an individualised and informative Report of our assessment findings, together with discussion of the main issues together with recommendations for you to share with your GP, other professionals and supporters as you wish.

We also offer optional follow-up sessions to provide advice and psychological management along with prescribing advice to your GP, or private prescription of appropriate medication.

We can also provide you with expert guidance regarding education and work issues, occupational health advice, behavioural, therapeutic and forensic issues where these may be relevant to you, and signpost you to sources of support.

Flexible assessment sessions are available by appointment in various locations in London and across the South, including your home on request.

Please contact us to find out more and to arrange your specialist assessment.