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APJ Psychological Consulting offers exactly the Executive and Team Coaching that you need, at individual, managerial and organisational levels to help Senior Leaders, Managers and HR professionals who are being pressured and challenged to get the best results from their teams and to enable clients to use coaching techniques and tools to help them to increase positive engagement with their teams, in order to achieve greater productivity, performance and profitability for their  teams.

Annabel will work with you to ensure that you develop and use the best practice in  Psychological Health and Safety and to address future positive Service Development together.

The Executive Coaching relationship can develop and facilitate you in properly addressing any current issues within your professional remit and responsibilities, and supports and develops  your own skills and strategies for juggling your personal and work life safely and effectively.

Annabel is listed in the British Psychological Society Register of Approved Psychological Practice Supervisors ( RAPPS) and encourages development through reflective practice.

As a Consultant, Senior Manager and professional Lead, Annabel has been responsible for the implementation of proactive service development as well as the line management, clinical training, professional supervision of other psychologists and clinical colleagues in her professional career spanning 30 years to date.

Annabel is committed to the proactive use of psychological aspects of Compassionate Leadership, Policy Development and Change Management within organisations to support the ongoing Change processes which is now a permanent aspect of our everyday and future life.